Each day we live our lives through a progression of journeys. Whether by car, bus, train, ferry, cycle or on foot, our journeys begin and are realised on an intricate network of road, rail or paths linking departure to arrival.

TDG is New Zealand’s largest specialist transportation engineering consultancy offering a full range of professional services in transportation: engineering, planning, modelling, analysis and design. With offices throughout the country, our work spans large and small developments, in both the private and public sectors. Wherever people and transportation meet, that's where we are. Making that meeting point better, is what we do.

Featured Projects

Signal Implementation Photo 1

Brunei, the only sovereign state in the island of Boreno, is a small but wealthy economy dominated by the production of oil and gas. With the rise of private car ownership in Brunei the state Road Department has worked with TDG to investigate measures to relieve traffic congestion. Extensive local... Read more »

01 Mt Wellington Interchange Model2

Options Investigation The Auckland Southern Motorway narrows from 3 to 2 lanes in each direction across the Mt Wellington overbridge - described as the “Mt Wellington Bottleneck”. This area of the Southern Motorway, a key link in the transport network, suffers from congestion. Many road users perceive the Mt Wellington bottleneck... Read more »