Meridian Energy: Project Hurinui Wind

Meridian Energy Limited owns and operates a number of hydroelectric power stations and wind farms in New Zealand, ensuring all electricity supplied to customers is done so from renewable sources. Project Hurunui Wind is a proposed wind farm in North Canterbury that will allow Meridian to construct 33 wind turbines resulting in the ability to produce enough electricity for about 32,000 New Zealand homes per year.

Since 2009 TDG have assisted Meridian on Project Hurunui Wind in providing expert advice relating to the various transport activities associated with the proposed wind farm. In April 2013 the Environment Court issued the project with Resource Consent. The key transport aspects of the project included:

  • Analysis of the expected traffic generation during construction and operational periods.
  • Analysis of the existing traffic volumes on the transport route to ensure specialist transport vehicles do not clash with peak traffic flows.
  • Identification of the turbine transport route. A number of transport routes were assessed with the most likely route being between the site and the Port of Timaru. To ensure that the specialist transport vehicles can travel along the route, a number of street work alterations have been recommended. The recommendations range from temporary roading changes to significant roadway adjustments and upgrades.
  • Establishment of the Construction Traffic Management framework to ensure that the volume of heavy vehicle movements is controlled safely and efficiently.
  • Evaluation of road safety records along the transport route. Information from this search provides a background to the traffic and roading hazards that have a potential to affect the traffic generated by the site.

 Technical assistance provided by TDG to Meridian includes in-depth data analysis, vehicle tracking analysis, geometric design and detailed reporting.



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