Geometric Design

Our geometric design services places great emphasis on producing sound, practical and innovative design solutions. We have the technical knowledge, extensive skills and experience to be able to produce conceptual roading infrastructure designs in both 2d and 3d formats using a variety of in-house computer aided design software. In this way, we are able to quickly convert a client’s vision from a sketched diagram or even just an idea into a conceptual drawing and then through to a full 3-dimensional detailed design.

If required, these detailed designs can then be progressed through to working drawings for the purposes of approval and construction.

The types of geometric design projects TDG excels at include:

  • motorway and expressway alignments
  • commercial, industrial and residential subdivisions
  • signalised, priority controlled and roundabout controlled intersections
  • large format retail car parking areas
  • pedestrian, cycling and public transport infrastructure design.

If you require geometric design advice/assistance, please contact us.