Pedestrian Access & Mobility

Access for pedestrians and those with differing levels of mobility has always been a focus for TDG. Allowing mums with strollers, those in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters, those who are partially sighted or differently abled, to access the same areas as the more physically mobile is an absolute focus for any transportation engineer. 

We have significant experience in this area, and are also lucky to have on our team our Principal Researcher, Bridget Burdett, who has published a number of papers about this topic. 

Specifically, in this area we can advise on:

  • modifying existing developments or areas to improve accessibility 
  • planning for maximum accessibility on any new development 
  • improving outcomes for those with mobility issues
  • engaging with local communities (aged care facilities, schools, daycares, hospices) to ensure their needs are met by any proposed change.

Here are some of our recent projects:

Accessibility: the ability to participate 

Data collection for walking, cycling & PT trips 

For more information on pedestrian access and mobility contact our team today

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