Creating a master transport plan for Picton (NSW)

Wollondilly Master Plans Transport for Picton 3

It seems much of the discussion these days is on Sydney’s western area growth.  Well, one only needs to take a peak hour drive through some of Wollondilly’s Town Centres to realise the transport demand challenges are by no means less of an issue.

In fact it could be said of the geographic, transport system and funding arrangements, the challenges of providing for the areas growth is somewhat more complex.

TDG in association with Gennaoui Consulting was appointed principal consultant to investigate the impact of growth demands on the multi-modal transport infrastructure for Picton, with a particular focus on extracting the maximum life it can out of the core and current transport infrastructure.

The investigations to be undertaken include development of Access and Movement Structure Plans, a Parking Strategy; an overall Transport Master Plan and a costed infrastructure assessment to inform strategic investment in the Towns transport infrastructure. 

A key feature of the assessment is the way in which particular regard is being had for the Town’s culture and heritage.  “It’s not just about bringing big city solutions to the Town, but more particularly the careful integration of urban design with transport infrastructure to deliver culture sensitive solutions for this popular tourist destination” says Mark Apeldoorn, TDG’s Managing Director.  TDG’s been working alongside Council, key local stakeholder interests and community representatives to identify the Town’s key and imminent needs.

To enable a comprehensive understanding of the transport movement dynamics and the potential transport demands that could be released, and resulting from strategic initiatives, TDG developed an Aimsun micro-simulation model covering the whole of the Picton Town Centre area.

A sound understanding of, and calibration of the local network was key to establishing a base for future and local redistribution forecasting within the model.  Strategic future growth demands were taken from the macro-Tracks model which carries the future land use forecasts for the region.  Limited alternate route choice and the restriction of heavy vehicles from some arterial routes made this all the more challenging.  Critical to understanding the predicted future network performance however was a practical and experienced eye across the model results and through their interpretation.

Stakeholder engagement has significantly influenced the future planning directions and strategy recommendations.  “Local people really know the local networks and there’s significant value to be had in talking freely with them” says the project’s advising Traffic Engineer Fred Gennaoui.

The Master Plan is currently in it draft form for Council consideration.  We’ll be following the fortunes of Picton for many years to come, with the broad range of initiatives planned for the Town Centre.

After many years working in New South Wales, TDG set up our permanent Australian base in January of this year. Click here to read about our Branch Manager Mike Willson.  Or visit our Australian website for the latest news, updates & projects.

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